Are You Serious about Making Money Online?

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Like so many others, you want to make money online, but you’re probably not sure where to start. What most people don’t know is there are so many tools out there to help people like you succeed at making money online.

One of the most common ways to make money online is with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

finding profitable affiliate marketing products to promote

Affiliate marketing is earning commissions for the sales you make of other people’s products and services. Many people choose affiliate marketing because it doesn’t require having your own product and is a great way to get started making money online.

How do you get started in affiliate marketing?

When signing up to be an affiliate, you’ll need to fill out an application and tax form. From there, you’ll get access to the affiliate dashboard for that company.

The affiliate dashboard will have all the information you need, including your affiliate links and sometimes swipe files of images for ads and emails to send to your lists.

How do I choose the right products to promote?

When choosing a company or product to promote as an affiliate, consider a few things. Look at the quality of the company. Do you believe in what you’ll be selling? Next, look at the commissions you’ll be making. If you choose opportunities that pay less than 30% commissions, you run the risk of losing money. And lastly, what does your audience need? Thinking of the people you’re serving and their needs will help not only them, but you as well.

By thinking of these three things when considering what to promote, you’ll know the best products and services to offer. Show me the money!

How do you make money online as an affiliate?

When payday rolls around, you’ll usually receive a notification via email informing you it’s payday. You’ll then see the money in the account you set it up to receive your commissions. That is a great feeling!

affiliate marketing proof

Talking about seeing those commissions fill your bank account is nice, but in order for that to happen, you have to actually sell the products or services.

But how?

You make sales by using the tools available from your affiliate network. Here are some of the more common tools used to increase success with affiliate marketing:

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter…these are all examples of social media platforms to use to build an audience and get your message and services to more people. Social media is a goldmine that can help you make money online and build your brand.


There are many advertising options on which to run ads, but some of the most popular are Google ads, Bing ads, email solo ads, and Facebook ads. Each of these options are used differently.

Google ads are used to get link clicks, as you pay per click; the main purpose of solo ads is to build an email list to market to through email marketing; Facebook ads are used to re-target prospects who have previously clicked on your links or bought your services or products. Each of these options help grow your business and generating revenue.

Email Marketing Software

The money is in the list. It’s a must for any business and helps you keep the bridge of communication open. By building an email list, you create an asset for your business that you control. You can email your list of subscribers day in and day out with the offers you are promoting.

Some email marketing software is better to use than others for affiliate marketing, as some email auto-responders look down on using affiliate links and can shut down affiliate marketing accounts.

You’ll know from the terms and conditions of each email auto-responder if it’s against their policy to promote affiliate links in emails. So you will be able to know which email auto-responders are compatible with affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium!
I use and recommend GetResponse

Funnel Building Software

Funnels are key to making money online in affiliate marketing. What are funnels? They are a series of steps you create to have a unique and customized buying experience for your customer or client. Each step is designed for a simple and clear path for the customer or client to follow, making the buying decision easy and quick.

The best funnel building platform is ClickFunnels.

In ClickFunnels, you can build sales funnels quickly and easily using a myriad of templates they offer for any type of funnel you need.

Link Tracking Software

You need to know your numbers to really make money online. If you don’t track what revenue is coming in and what ad spend is going out, you could be losing money and not realize it. Link tracking software helps you know exactly what’s going on in your business.

The best link tracking software is ClickMagick.

ClickMagick is completely web based, so you don’t have to download any software. By tracking your funnels and links, it allows you to scale and optimize your offers, getting you the best results possible.

A websitemake money on the internet

A great way to make money online is through a blog on which you use SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO uses keywords to help rank with search engines, like Google.

When it comes to using SEO for affiliate marketing, you can get started with only a domain and hosting, which is a very minimal cost (sometimes as little as $5/mo.). Using a free keyword research tool can also decrease costs and help you get started with very little overhead.

It takes time to build and see money coming in from it, but in time, it can turn into some very comfortable passive income you enjoy for years to come.

There are so many tools and resources to help you be successful in affiliate marketing. And if you take it a step at a time and implement what you learn along the way, success will come and you’ll make money online.

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