10 Reasons Why It’s The Best Time To Start Your Own Online Business

start a business part time from home

If you are thinking about starting your own home based business or if you ever had a thought of making money from home at some point of time, then I would suggest you do it right NOW.

This is the best time to become an at home entrepreneur.

  • Forget about the gloom and doom messages spouted by media.
  • Forget about the state of our economy.
  • Forget about everything.

We are living in an era where there are infinite opportunities for anyone to grow just using your computer and/or a smartphone.

It doesn’t matter where you are currently based, what your skill-sets are, how much experience you have….you can still get started and go on to build a highly successful little business from home.

Here are 10 reasons as to why it’s possible to start your own online business:

1. Technology

In the past before the internet era, if you had to start a business, you would need to invest heavily in manufacturing products or buying them in bulk from wholesalers and spend a fortune on promoting them to the right audience through traditional offline marketing methods.

Today, with the advent of internet and a globally connected world:

a. You can start a business by creating your own digital product or service…or selling other people’s products without investing a dime into manufacturing or wholesaling in your early stages

b. You can reach out to your perfect buyer on the internet with just a $5 per day budget using mediums like Google or Facebook or Youtube ads

c. You can get paid quickly for every sale you make.

how to start my own online business


In other words, you don’t need heavy duty investment to start a business now. If you want to learn how to launch your own online business and start making sales, check out my ‘Home Income Method’.

2. You can easily start a business part-time.

In the past, you would have had to quit your job and forego your safety to chase your dreams. Now you could start a business from your bedroom and work on it in your part time. The best part is that you can use the income from your job to fund your business.

You can keep doing so till your business brings 3X-5X your job income at which point, you could quit your job without any worries and focus on your business FULL TIME. If you have 20-30 per day, go here and get started.

3. You can get access to high quality education needed to build any business online.

To become successful in any field, you need knowledge and an understanding of the intricacies of that field. Today, you have access to that knowledge.

There are tons of free and premium information available online to pretty much succeed in any field.  I will give you an example. If you are interested in traffic generation, there are so many quality programs out there which will help you get good at it.

You could specialize in Google Adwords or Facebook or Youtube or Banner Ads and then use that knowledge to promote 3rd party affiliate offers OR run your own traffic agency by getting clients.

This is just one of the many examples wherein you could gain knowledge in a particular field and use that to build a thriving business.

4. You can interact with other entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

There are so many high quality mastermind groups out there where entrepreneurs exchange ideas, share strategies, talk about pitfalls & upcoming trends and provide solutions for each others’ problems.

When you are part of a group where genuine discussions happen and people truly care for each other, you feel more confident and pumped up about your own business.

One place where you can interact with amazing entrepreneurs on a daily basis is Facebook Groups. There are many high quality Facebook Groups pertaining to various different topics.

There are also various specific niche focused forums where a lot of valuable discussions take place.

5. You can turn your knowledge into profits.

Today, you have the means to create money out of thin air.


By creating INFORMATION PRODUCTS where you simply turn the knowledge in your head into a REAL product that provides a lot of value to your customers.

People love information products and buy them like crazy.

They sell well in any and every niche imaginable. There is a huge demand for quality information nowadays and people are looking for products that give them the necessary information in a quick and easy way.

There are 2 ways to create an info product.

Either take your existing knowledge and experience (it could be for anything) and turn it a digital report or audio or video and sell it online…OR research any topic in an in-depth manner and turn that into an information product.

There are many entrepreneurs who make millions selling information products online. Watch this video to learn how.

make money from home

6. You can use powerful tools to run your business with ease.

Right now, there are so many tools (softwares, tech solutions, plugins) popping up to solve any and every business needs. For example:

a. There are page building tools like Convertri that allow you to create entire funnels and membership sites with their point and click interface. Even 5-6 years back, if you wanted to get some specific technical work done like building a website, setting up a sales page…either you would have to learn everything and do it yourself OR you would have to hire someone to do it for you.

No such problems today.

b. There are video hosting solutions like Wistia which allow you to host your videos and see the EXACTLY how many people are viewing it, where they are dropping off, etc.

c. There are autoresponder services like Aweber, Getresponse, Klaviyo that you can use to build an email list of subscribers and reach out to them whenever you want.

d. There are webinar softwares like Gotowebinar, WebinarJam, Everwebinar that allow you to conduct LIVE webinars where you can do presentations for your audience and make sales. You can even automate the process and make it look like the webinar is live even though it’s an automated video.

e. There are tracking services like Clickmagick that allow you to track everything on your website and see where you are really making sales and where you are bleeding money. And the list goes on and on.

7. You can hire great talent for your business sitting from your home.

If you want good logo designers, you can simply go to 99designs and post a project about it and let quality designers in there compete for your work.

Just like designers, there are specific websites for hiring writers, coders, website creators, virtual assistants, etc. You also have relevant Facebook Groups where you can go and post about your project, get samples and hire the right talent.

In addition to that, you can also ask other business owners on Facebook about their recommendations on whom to hire.

Everything you need to hire good talent is at your finger tips now.

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8. You can get coached & mentored by successful entrepreneurs.

The power of coaching and mentorship cannot be over-stated. I wouldn’t have been able to make six figures online if not for the coaches and mentors I encountered along my journey.

Several years back, it took one good advice from my mentor to turn my $2,000 per month business into $10,000 per month pretty much overnight. Now my business is increasing every single month.

Today, with pretty much everyone active in some social media platform or other, you can reach out to successful people and seek coaching, consulting & mentorship. You would have to pay for their expertise but this would be the best investment of your life.

The fastest way to get results is to take the help of those who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

There are also many high quality online coaching programs available where you can enroll and seek mastery in the field that you want to focus on. If you want to get coached by me and my mentor every step along the way, then check out this free Masterclass.

9. You can attend LIVE events to gain knowledge & build your connections.

These days, there are a ton of LIVE events happening where you can learn all about information product creation, traffic generation, funnel building, ecommerce, copywriting, solo ads, video marketing, blogging, etc from the experts.

You also get to interact with other attendees and build up solid connections. By attending LIVE events, I got to interact with so many movers & shakers and knowledgeable people in my field.

The connections that I have made in the last 5 years have allowed me to tap into new opportunities, avoid major troubles and overcome obstacles in my own business.

After interacting with entrepreneurs who have built million dollar businesses, I can tell you one thing – the insights that you gain from interacting with them is simply priceless.

You experience a major shift in your thinking. Your mind opens up to a world of new possibilities. And you start looking at everything from different angles.

how to start my own business

10. You can secure your financial future and not depend on your job.

A few years back, I was working in a job hating my life. Today, I run a five figure traffic generation and affiliate marketing business. Right now, my goal is to crack the six figure mark.

How did all this happen SO FAST?

That’s the power of the internet and the information age. No job could have changed my life this way.

In this era, anyone could start from scratch, build a profitable online business and scale it RAPIDLY. Since there are so many products to promote, so many people to serve, so many lives to transform, you have a ton of opportunities in front of you.

So what if you experience failure promoting a particular product? Try again. If you still experience fail, try again. If you still experience failure, shift your focus to promote some other product and go for it.

As long as you master the right skills and stick to making things work, success in business is inevitable. The old days of having to depend on your job to provide for your family is gone.

You could either hope your job will keep you safe (it may or may not) OR you could take things in your own hands, start a business part time and grow it to a level where you are making 3X or 5X or 10X your job income and break free from the shackles of your job.

When you do the latter, you get to not only secure your financial future but you also get to spend more time with your family, take part in your hobbies and enjoy life much more. Isn’t that what we all dream about? To live a life that we can enjoy, cherish and feel proud about?

So go ahead and make use of the incredible opportunities in front of you today.

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10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why It’s The Best Time To Start Your Own Online Business

    • Billy says:

      Hi Brenda,
      That’s what we teach you. It’s not as hard as it sounds because there are many ways to make money online. I like affiliate marketing because you don’t have to create any products, deal with customers, or do any selling. And I don’t agree that starting an online business is a waste of money. It has changed my life in all areas.

    • Billy says:

      I like your thinking Carrol. I tried but I didn’t give up and here I am 4 years later using the internet to make more money and learning new skills everyday.

      I hope you will give a go too. I am sharing these business opportunities because I believe in them and know they will help anyone.

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    • Billy says:

      If you truly want it, you will find a way to make it happen. You can use swagbucks.com and take surveys, watch videos, and do different task to earn rewards and then use those rewards to get you some money. Then use that money to invest into more targeted knowledge.

  2. Darryl Shaun Avery says:

    Darrylshaun Avery here. I have been an entrepreneur for 46 years and I am always eager to part take in various niches that grows rapidly. My goal is to be an investor , mentor, and philanthropist on every level.
    As in one to produce a infinite “Shark Tank”
    So to speak.

    • Billy says:

      Hi Darrylshaun, you are an OG:)

      The affiliate marketing industry is growing like wildfire. I feel it’s because you don’t have to create websites, products, or deal with inventory. Great for beginners. And the potential is massive and can be grown overtime as big as you want.

      If you are looking to invest into a great passive affiliate marketing business opportunity, read this article and if interested, sign up for the free training video: http://www.clkmg.com/learnandearn/1gwf1w

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