5 Big Reasons You Should Work From Home

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Work from the comfort of your own home, in your PJ’s, avoid the commute, make money sending emails while drinking a strawberry margarita… you’ve heard the common benefits of working from home (true by the way!). Maybe you’re on the fence, let me give my top reasons why you should say YES to a remote office and go out there and increase the quality of your life and start working from home today.


1. Save Money

If you’re a full time employee who travels to and from work, you can save over $4,000 annually. How? Let’s talk about transportation like gas, toll roads, and car maintenance. How about food? You do take lunches and maybe those occasional Starbucks coffee drinks we all love. Another way you will save is because of tax deductions:) And one more for you, what about your work clothes? I paid $60 for one pair of medical scrubs and that’s nothing compared to business clothes and dry cleaning bills.

2. Save Time

This should probably number 1. Money replenishes, time doesn’t. This is huge because many hours are wasted while driving to and from work. This is time that could be spent at the dinner table with the fam, hobbies, or some freaking healthy activities like exercise. Anything is better than sitting in a car right? I saw a report that said by working from home you could get back 11 days per year on average. I don’t know about you but I will take it.

3. Better Work Life Balance

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Doesn’t it suck to have to worry about asking for time off for a family

event? Or how much to ask off for? Things come up and we just shouldn’t have to worry about work and having someone give us permission to take off.

4. Less Stress

Working from home can reduce stress levels versus having a 9-5 job. Less stress means a better quality of life which also means a higher productivity level. Think about it? No traffic jams, no 2 hour commutes, no deadlines, no office politics… I feel less stressed just writing this hahaha.

5. Improved Health

This flows from the previous reason because less stress means better health. Better health means you could live longer. Working from home can allow you to easily fit more exercise into your daily routine. You could have more time to cook healthier meals. For you and your family. How about getting sick less? Huge!


I could go on and on about the benefits of working from home. I think this article said enough, don’t you? If you are looking to explore some work from home programs, I have done a ton of research for you on many ways to start working from home. All beginner friendly and plenty of support. Now go and live the life of your dreams.



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