The Ultimate Guide To Making Extra Income Online In 2018/2019

Gone are the days where you have to get up early in the morning, suit up, and catch the morning train to the office in order to make money. There have been many changes in even just the past few years that have allowed a lot of flexibility in earning a living. Making money online has never been this easy. With the help of just a computer and a decent internet connection, there are infinite possibilities of earning a quick and meaningful income online. The following are ways to make extra income online.

Extra Income From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a mutual relationship whereby online businesses associate themselves with a social media influencer or website owner to generate traffic to their business websites, leading to sales. If you have active social media following, this a great way to make extra income online. In many cases, online businesses will pay you a hard cash reward for every new customer you introduce to them through your affiliate marketing efforts. Alternatively, you can get a one-off pay deal by driving a huge amount of clients to their site or earn recurring commissions by getting a business subscribers. The possibilities are endless!

Extra Income From Blogging

Blogging is among the most sustainable and easiest strategies for making money online. It requires some time and effort to set up your blog the right way, find the right niche and provide rich content that is targeted at an audience that needs it. But it can be extremely lucrative with some time and effort. There are so many topics and subjects you can write about. From fashion and traveling to cooking and relationships. Find something that you are passionate about and combine it with your creative writing skills to come up with an exciting blog. Once you have a sizable audience, you can start to build your offers and sell things like e-books, mini-email courses and full-blown courses for easy and passive cash.

YouTube channel

YouTube is another platform that allows you to make money online comfortably. By posting interesting videos of some the most ordinary everyday activities, you will be surprised at just how much money there is to make. What you need to do is to create a YouTube channel where you’ll be posting the videos. It could be anything from funny videos, dance, gaming, memes, tutorials, hacks, and any other thing you can think of to excite an audience. Work on attracting a high number of subscribers and by monetizing your YouTube channel (perhaps with the previously mentioned affiliate marketing or e-books and courses). YouTube provides another great way to earn an income online.

Bitcoin trading and mining

The advent of cryptocurrencies is revolutionizing the way people are making money online. This field is still very young, but many people and businesses have carved out very profitable businesses in this niche. Bitcoin has proven to be the most popular and most profitable of all digital currencies. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make money from home. With trading, you buy Bitcoin and try to sell them on the market once the value of Bitcoin has gone up. Another way to profit with Bitcoin is mining. Here, you are rewarded with Bitcoin by solving a cryptographic puzzle. It sounds complex, but luckily it’s your computer that will be doing the hard work. This method is perfect if you have a spare computer lying around. You can install a Bitcoin miner on your spare computer and it will passively “mine” Bitcoin which you can then sell for cold hard cash!

Freelance writing

This is one of the simplest ways to make extra income on the internet. You can combine your creative talent and writing skills to create content that people will pay you for. There are numerous websites and platforms on the web where clients are seeking article and academic writing services. From content writing, product reviews, SEO and ghostwriting, to many other forms of freelance writing that clients will pay a good sum of money in exchange for rich, interesting and professional content.

Forex trading

Forex trading is another activity that is gaining popularity of late. It simply involves the exchange of currencies and their fluctuation in the financial market. If you have any background in the financial sector, this is perfect for you. You can use your knowledge to speculate how a certain currency is going to perform in the market, whether it will gain or lose value depending on a variety of parameters. You then invest a currency, say the dollar, and decide to sell it in future when its value has appreciated.

Extra Income Conclusion

These are just some of the endless possibilities available for you to make money online. By doing the right due diligence, you will realize that there are many ways to make extra income on the side. If you haven’t yet started profiting from the internet, there’s never a better time to get started than right now!
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