How To Make Money On Pinterest

If you thought social media just includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, then think again! The latest social media craze is Pinterest, and this platform is taking the world by storm. If you want to learn how to make money on Pinterest, you’re in the right place. Pinterest is a website that lets users create digital pinboards of items and content that they want to remember or share with others. It is basically an online pinboard that makes it easier to organize and share things that you love.

From architecture to gardening, food to home decor and pets to weddings there is a vast range of things that can be pinned and shared on Pinterest, making it an excellent place to market products for your business! Pinterest pins are the latest craze for online social media marketing. For example, if members see a product of yours that they like and do not want to forget where it is, or want to get their friends to feedback on it, they can simply pin it to their boards.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest pins are superb marketing allies – one pin on the site can gain quick exposure as other members are able to ‘repin’ the original pin on their friends’ boards and so on. Anyone who clicks the pin is directed to your business website, and people can learn more about your product and follow through with a purchase! A pin is just as effective as someone recommending or considering a product or service and gives remarkable exposure to your business. With just a few clicks, you will find more people accessing your company website. Pinterest pins are an ideal way to introduce products into the market and generate interest in your brand.

So how does one go about promoting a business with Pinterest? First, you should create an account with information and a link to your website. You should then create targeted pinboards for each section of your business, making it easier to browse and share information. A key way to get people interested in your product is by using visually appealing images, which will help people notice and share your Pinterest pins. You should also add a ‘Pin It’ button to your website next to the picture for each item so that visitors will be able to pin the items easily on their pinboards. Make sure you use keywords that are searched for often as this will help users find the images on your pinboards.

Customer boards

Every business thrives because of their customers and so the main focus of your social media marketing strategies need to be on them. You can use Pinterest to open pinboards that are specifically created for them. You can even have special boards for your loyal customers. They can use these boards to share what they feel about your products, for example, how using your products has been useful for them. They could probably add pictures of how they use their products which can help inspire other customers.

Employee boards

Pinterest can be a great way to get your employees involved in your social media efforts. Choose some of your trusted employees and give them their personal space to use the boards the way they like. Your employees are experts themselves and are also a major part of your business. For example, if you own an interior design company with a number of interior designers working for you, you can let them share their ideas and styles on pinboards. Letting your employees show off their skills and ideas can be a great way of building employee loyalty towards your business. Customers also tend to trust brands where employees take an active part in the social media functions.


Contests on Pinterest have been widely used by big and small brands alike to reach out to customers and prospects. It helps create brand awareness and loyalty. You can integrate your contest with Instagram and allow users to pin their images on your pinboard. Make sure there’s a prize involved and let the users know about it. This will help create a buzz about your product and encourage more people to take part in the contest.

Share different types of content

Most people share various kinds of content on social media networking sites like Twitter, and Facebook. Pinterest gives you a chance to share all kinds of content with your customers like videos, blogs, eBooks, etc. You can pin all types of content on to your board. This can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. You can also share interesting content from others that’s related to your products.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Conclusion

It’s important that you do not use Pinterest just to display your products to users. It might be a better idea to share creative ideas of how they can make use of your product. For instance, if you have a business that deals with edible food products, you can share ideas and how- to images with recipes that make use of your products.

Hence, it is ideal to opt for good a social media marketing firm that can tap the advantages of Pinterest to elevate your business.

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